What product you should avoid with your hair extensions?

Avoid shampoos and conditioners that are designed for problematic hair such as: – Thin hair – Dry hair – Oily hair – Colour-damaged hair

Be sure u wont use any products that contain sulphates, keratin, silicones and alcohol!

When choosing shampoo and conditioner, make sure the products are for normal/regular hair only. This is the best way to make sure there are no ingredients that could cause chemical reaction and unwanted texture to the hair extensions.

Always be sure to do one simple thing before you buy any product…flip it over! Many products out there have sulphates and alcohol hidden in their formulas. Not all companies claiming to make sulphate-free shampoos are truly free of sulphates. This is why it is important to know what to look when reading ingredients.

Additionally, using sticky products such as hair spray, hair gel, or hair wax, can and likely will clog up your hair extensions.

Furthermore, the more products you use, the more you will need to wash them. Remember, over washing leads to dry and tangled extensions. Also, keep
in mind that the products that you use in your natural hair can travel onto your extensions from constant head movement and heat from your scalp.

Wondering what smoothing products to avoid?

Where people tend to go wrong is they use Moroccan Oil or coconut oil. This is the most gluggy and thick oil for hair extensions. It will suffocate the hair and can cause friction, making it looks worse, and are only going to saturate your hair extensions in and oily coating that’s actually really hard to get out!

With a good routine, you can wear your hair extensions for months on end and enjoy fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking locks.

Its not easy to recommend one product for every client that’s why we love to mix the products.

For once a week we recommend deep cleansing shampoos, and for rest of the week use good hair salon brand sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.


Deep Cleansing shampoos:

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Scalp Rebalance Balancing Shampoo


Shampoos and conditioners recommended:

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Low Shampoo

Who is it for?

Dry hair
A moisturising, nutritive shampoo that transforms dry hair, gently cleansing and replenishing it with vital nutrients. Free from sulphates, parabens and other harmful ingredients, it smooths the hair fibre with healthy omegas and fatty acids, derived from Linseed Extract. With dry strands revitalized, the result is healthy-looking, shiny and supple hair.

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating

Who is it for?

Normal Hair
Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating Shampoo is a uniquely formulated shampoo which transforms dull hair, imparting a soft feel and a stunning, glossy finish. Free from sulphates, parabens and harmful ingredients, it combines the benefits of vitamins and natural oils to produce dazzling results.

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Low Shampoo

Who is it for?

Weakened, damaged hair
This restructuring shampoo from Alfaparf was developed specifically to help weakened and damaged hair. It gently cleanses while promoting the reconstruction process of the hair fiber. adds moisture to hair, while also preserving up to 91% of colour intensity after 9 washes. With regular use, the hair appears noticeably stronger, softer and more supple.


Recommended Sprays:

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Detangling Fluid

This leave-in treatment from Alfaparf creates a flexible lattice which seals and repairs dry, split ends, whilst nourishing your hair and replenishing it with moisture. Your locks will be left looking stronger, healthier, and less prone to unsightly split ends.


Recommended Purple Shampoo:

Schwarzkopf Silver Shampoo

For proper hair extensions aftercare you only need 3,4 products. Your daily sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, deep cleansing shampoo for once a week and spray in conditioner.

If your hair is blonde u can also use purple shampoo once every 2 weeks. Don’t use it to often to avoid your extensions change the colour to much.

Products you are using on your hair extensions are very important if you want to keep them in good condition.

If you are not sure what products to use please ask us for advise on your next visit in our salon.