LONGHAIR Infralight hair extensions



The innovative combination of ultrasound technology with infrared light allowed for the creation of very small sizes and, at the same time, extremely durable bonds.

This method is effectively replacing pre-bonded, glue (keratin) extensions systems.

In our Studio, the procedure is performed in a completely non-invasive manner, using a modern device that emits ultrasonic waves that enable the formation of permanent attachments of hair extensions.

The Infralight method offers many possibilities of performing the procedure. The strands can be attached with the use of many different substances, such as Italian keratin or very flexible Kerawax.

Infralight device emitting ultrasounds works in a point and very precisely, and thanks to this, the connections of extensions are invisible. No need to heat the device to high temperatures ensures comfort and protection of the hair during the treatment.

An incredible advantage of thickening hair using this method is also the possibility of making joints in different shapes and sizes. The technology allows during the treatment to form joints not only flat, but also oval.

The bonds created for Infralight are even 2 times smaller than traditional methods!

The method is recommended for all hair types, even for thin and delicate natural hair.

It is recommended to reset Infralight Extensions after 3/4 months. Depends how fast your own hair grows.

Infralight is a method that guarantees a durable and discreet hair extension, allowing for a stunning effect of a thick and beautiful hairstyle.

The application time is shortened to a minimum, and the durability of the bonds is extremely high. Full set shouldn’t take longer than 1h30min.

LONGHAIR Infralight hair extensions are performed only by professional stylists in our studio, which guarantees:

  • Strong, but at the same time discreet, blending natural hair with extensions
  • Comfort in wearing
  • Infralight is reusable
  • Modern device that is safe for the hair structure, and there is no heat used !
  • Natural result and invisible bonds – sides reconstruction is possible if your hair is damaged because of bleach
  • Infralight can be used even on very thin hair
  • Can be applied very high which is not possible with different methods

Easy Xtend Rings

That’s still the most popular hair extension method in our studio, as the rings we use are the smallest on the market. We have them specially sized for us!

With using our double drawn Russian hair Easy Xtend Rings will last up to 12 months, with resets every ¾ months.

This method is suitable for all hair types, even very thin. Its mostly popular for full thick sets, and the fact you can reuse them few times makes that every client keep the hair for years.

Your own natural hair is completely safe and they grow with them.

Application time is very short as well, for full set usually that’s 1 hour.

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